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New Release! They call me Hand Fool

We know you’ve been craving a new release and we’ve been withholding from you. That stops today!

Hand Fool was recorded back in March 2012.


Hand Fool – Vocals
Jerad Hill – Drums
Graham Yoder – Guiter
David Carter – Guitar
Bret Phillips – Bass

8-Track – New Album

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bret Phillips
Edited by David Carter

Track List

01 – Chronos
02 – Secretx
03 – Swamp Of Wyrms
04 – Johnny 5
05 – Candy Coated Carousel
06 – Voodoo Butter
07 – Necromancers Cabinet
08 – Asteraxis

Performers of “8 Track”

David Carter (of Lotus Quadrant) – Guitar
Jerad Hill (of Hello Cobra) – Drums, Percussion
Parker Newell (of Odist) – Guitar
Bret Phillips (of Lotus Quadrant) – Bass


“Travel through space and time with their latest offering 8 Track. My absolute favorite track is “Swamp of Wyrms”. I feel like I'm being transcended in and out of the atmosphere while the music grows and fades. ” – Promising Chord

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