PSDREX @ Hijacking Music Festival – Review

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What they had to say about PSDREX:

I got to watch Psychedubasaurus Rex for the first time. I had seen their What Up interview, but this was my first time catching them live. This is a mash up of superb talent from around the city, combining together to form great chemistry. The sound moves and evolves, creating atmospheres and places for your mind to go. I shall call them ShoeJam (shoegaze meets jam band.) They have an extensive music vocabulary though, as all kinds of different types of sounds came from their exchanges. With a trippy video playing behind them, you could easily listen and get carried away to the moon. At one point the guitar even sounded like it was channeling screams from some other universe. I really appreciated their session, and especially enjoyed when they got on a loud wave. They never play the same song twice, they just see the sounds and let it all melt together.